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Welcome…ahhh…it’s been a long time coming

Here is our first post! We are excited to have our website finally up and running. More content coming…

“The West Coast is the Best Coast” – If you’ve spent any amount of time living on the west coast, undoubtedly you’ve heard these words uttered on the street, at your local bar or at the sushi restaurant down the way. Let’s be honest, you secretly love it. We won’t judge, we love it too!

We love everything about where we live; I mean, we could do without all the rain but we’ll take that over snow any day.

It’s because we love this place that we’ve developed a passion to support our local brothers and sisters who are busting their butts to see their dreams reached. Because it’s the FUTURE (still waiting for those flying cars), and we have a new wave of savvy entrepreneurs looking for creative ways to market themselves in a time where it’s all about technology, SEOs, content creation (and the list goes on), we’re here to lend a helping hand. Us BCOers want to see you succeed and whether it’s taking a peek at social media marketing strategies, management of social media platforms or website designs – we’ll do our best to address your business needs with comprehensive, yet flexible options.

We want our communities and the people working in them to feel supported. And we totally get that this whole social media/online presence thing can be a wee bit overwhelming. So if you’re even thinking about thinking of asking for help, hesitate no more! We’re here for you and would love to sit down and chat – no pressure.

And don’t forget to check back in and have a peek at our blog posts that’ll feature what our beautiful, vibrant communities have to offer – from craft beer to local eats, and everything in between, we’re going to try and keep up with it all!

By BCO, March 24, 2019
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